Saturday, September 3, 2011

Movie Review - - Fair Game



Title: Fair Game
Starring: Naomi Watts and Sean Penn
South African Release date: 04 February 2011

When we started watching Fair Game, I had no idea what it was really all about.  It was just another CIA movie about the war in Iraq. 

But this movie (which is based on a true story) is all about Valerie Plame and her husband, Joe Wilson’s, plight against the US government.  The simplified version (from an outsider’s point of view) is that the US government tried to cover themselves by finding a scapegoat when it came out that they went to war based on evidence that did not exist.  When you really think about it, it is scary what a big and powerful government can get away with.  I did not follow the story in the press at the time, so I am not sure how close it stays to the real events but it made for a gripping two hours.


(Valerie and actress Naomi Watts)

Here is the official trailer.

Fair Game is a deep drama with strong actors that shows the darker side of what life can become when you give your life to your job.  I found the story gripping and it clung to me long after the last credits rolled.


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