Sunday, September 11, 2011

I am terrible at telling jokes . . .


. . . I really am . . . terrible!  I always seem to mess up the punch line . . . or worse, forget the punch line.  LoL  But I LOVE jokes or funny sayings.  And funny quotes from books are so much fun when you have read the book. 

I am reading Outpost by Adam Baker at the moment.  It is a serious book.  So image my surprised laughter when a joke appeared before me on the pages – it came out of nowhere.  One of the characters were reminiscing about happier times and this joke that her boyfriend told at the Christmas table:

“What is brown and sticky?”

. . . .

“A stick . . . “

LoL – I know terrible . . . but so funny!!  Well done, Mr Baker!

Do you enjoy jokes?  Do you have a favourite?  Or a funny quote?  Please share!

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