Saturday, October 15, 2011

Movie Review: Moon (2009)


Title: Moon
Starring: Sam Rockwell
Sci-fi Psychological Thriller
Release date: 2009

This movie was on one of our cable TV channels this past month.  I recorded it and only watched it today.  Why did I wait so long??  I was drawn into this psychological sci-fi thriller immediately and there is only one way to describe it . . . WOW!!  I can see why it was a winner at numerous Festivals.

Sam is ending a three year contract on the Moon.  He is the only crew member of Lunar Industries and is supervising the automated harvesting of Helium, the new super energy source of earth.  Three years are too long to be alone and he feels like he is starting to slip mentally.  If only he can hold on for two more weeks, he will be reunited with his wife and infant daughter on Earth.  But then when he takes a rover out to do some maintenance on a harvester that have stalled, he sees something that should not be there and crashes.  Waking up in the infirmary, he hears and sees more that cannot be real.  Has his mind finally fractured?

I cannot really say more about the plot as it will ruin the twist.  Let’s just say, you won’t see it coming.

Sam Rockwell gives an outstanding acting performance considering that there are no flashy special effects or big action scenes to carry this movie.  The story is told through Sam – his facial expressions, his body language, the look in his eyes . . . not a moment goes by that you don’t feel for this character.

I really loved this movie and highly recommend it for pure psychological thriller mayhem.


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  1. I watched this movie about a month or so ago - it's so good! I had never heard of it before then, so it's nice to see someone else has seen and liked it, too. :D


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