Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Book Review: Sorry I pooped in your shoe



Title: Sorry I pooped in your shoe 
Author: Jeremy Greenberg
Publication date: 11 October 2011
Author’s website: http://www.jeremygreenberg.com/
Source:  ARC received from NetGalley


Inside Sorry I Pooped in Your Shoe, writer and comedian Jeremy Greenberg presents a collection of 50 laugh-out-loud letters and accompanying full-color photographs that explain Fido's love of funky smells, why a ball needs to be thrown again, and practically every other lovably loony canine characteristic.

From an impassioned plea to stop the silly nicknames, to an attempt to skip a bath, to explanations for stolen shoes and swiped sandwiches, Sorry I Pooped in Your Shoe offers a pooch's perspective on common canine vs. human cohabitation conundrums. Sorry I Pooped in Your Shoe is the perfect gift for dog lovers and anyone who appreciates hilarious (and so true!) insights into dog—and human—nature.

My thoughts:

I am a dog person!  I have two four legged children and they are my babies.  So imagine the ohhh’s and aaahhh’s that accompanied my looking at the absolutely beautiful photos in this book.  I would recommend the book just for those!

But then I read all the letters to the Pack Leader . . . they are priceless.  I had to laugh at how true it all sounded.  One of my favourite is Raisin’s “thank you” note for the feathers Pack Leader gave her to play with . . . sounds familiar?  Yes?  LoL

I recommend this book whole heartily to all animal, and especially dog, lovers.  You will not be disappointed! 


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