Thursday, July 2, 2009

Where do you find the time?

I read your blogs and look at all your beautiful projects and I wonder - "where do you find the time?" I just don't have that capacity! Weekdays when I get to sit down for the first time and just do something for me, it is already 8 o'clock at night (if I'm lucky). I am soooo jealous of all your free time! It seems that there is always just one more thing for me to do in the week.
I admit, weekends I am truly lazy and do very little in the way of housework a
nd cooking . . . I don't care if the washing waits till Monday evening! Weekends are "me-time". But I dream of stitching time in the week too. Nowadays I get one or maybe one and half hours at the most in the evening. I need loooots of sleep to make me function :) If I am not in bed by 10:30 I am useless the next day! And as you know, I am still a little slow when it comes to my stitching, so progress is slow going.

Anyway, enough complaining - here is what I have done since Monday. I have been working on "Kipper" a bit.
I completed the ball in his hand and started on his tummy. :) Not too bad for four evenings, I think :)
I see that some stitchers do rotations, doing a different project every day. At the moment I only have two projects (the angel and Kipper), so I can't really say yet but I seem to enjoy working on one project for a few days in a row and then change. Maybe when I get to have a bigger choice I will change my mind but now I enjoy having a few days on one. This might be "famous last words" - we will see . . .

Quote: There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.~Ben Williams


  1. I never seem to have time...I have to make it..juggle, rob, swap, and of course, being a woman, I feel guilt for having the time when I get it lol.
    I think a lot of us are like that! Nice to hear someone in the same boat as me though. I think it is fairly normal lol

  2. I stitch while I watch tv...or rather while my husband watches tv. I just listen to it. I also have a take out stitching bag that I take with me places that I know I am going to have to wait...doctors, DMV, etc. It's usually an easy small stitch though.

    As for rotations...I do one project until I get bored or would rather do another project, then I switch. I dont have a strict rotation. I just call it my "Feel Good" rotation. I do what feels good. :)

  3. AWWW my boys used to watch him on tv. That brings me back memories.

  4. I am amazed by how much some get done, too. BUT... I work full time. As for goes by the way, and what I should be doing now. Most evenings stiching while watching TV is my pleasure, but there are no children in my home at this point. Just enjoy the time you have to stitch now, and 'one day' that time will grow! As for being slow, so am I, but then what's the rush? Enjoy!!

  5. Thank you guys - this really helps. :) At least I am not alone in this terrible situation. Wish I could be a housewife!


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