Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Branlaadee's comments

I just have to share Branlaadee's comment on the previous post with you. I know sometimes people do not read the comments on posts and this is just too good not to share (hope you don't mind, Branlaadee). I was laughing here all by myself in the house - someone looking in would have thought me crazy :) Here is her post:

I have to reorganize my stitching every few months as WIPs become UFOs, UFO's become WIPS once again, and kitten projects become WIPS and so on. LOL

The proper term for having stash that will outlast your life time is SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy). Let's not forget about S.E.X. (stash enhancement experience...needlework-related purchases.) This can be done even if you have SABLE. If you feel guilty about the S.E.X. you can always StRIP (Stash Reduction Implementation Plan. Typically, no new purchases are allowed for a set amount of time and/or until a certain amount of stash is used up.) Unless, of course, you are a PRUDE (Person Resisting Unnecessarily Diminishing Existing stash, i.e. someone who refuses to StRIP.) Generally I am a PRUDE. Sometimes my stitching buddies will talk me into StRIPing, but it never lasts long."

Isn't it great!! We stitchers have such a colorful language! :)


  1. I dont mind at all. It's not originally by me. I have picked them all up over time on various blogs and message boards. :)


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