Sunday, June 28, 2009

Desperate times calls . . .

. . . for desperate measures.

I was truly desperate, pulling out my hair; couldn't see anything; talking with the little holes to stop hiding from me; the lights were
n't helping when hubby came with the brainwave. "why don't you use your headlight?"

So off I went in search of my camping head-light - hey, it couldn't hurt, could it?

Okay - stop laughing already!! I might have looked like a crazy person but it DID do the job. And will be doing it in the future until I can afford (and/or find) the right kind of lamp. I was totally amazed at the difference . . . I have been making it difficult for myself for no reason . . .

What a difference a little light made! As you can see the little flowers in the angel's hair is taking shape. I am very happy with my progress this weekend.

Quote: Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change. ~Author Unknown


  1. I use a magnifying lamp. It has a magnifying glass with a lamp light around it. It makes things bigger and brighter! There's no way I could stitch without some sort of help like that. I'd think the camping light would work great.

  2. Progress is looking beautiful.

  3. Chrizette that is so funny! My DH has one, I wonder where he keeps it..

  4. Great idea - I'm all for improvising - using what's available to get the job done!

  5. Chrizette, I had a problem with light since we are having to change over to these energy saving light bulbs in Europe. They are useless for stitching. Before I bought my floor lamp for stitching, I used a "Daylight Bulb" which fits into a standard ceiling fixture, or table lamp, which you can have on without the shade. They only cost 9.99 GBP. They sell direct online.
    Here is the link:


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