Sunday, July 19, 2009

At last it has gotten though my hard head.

I learned an important lesson this weekend. For the past two months, I have been like a stubborn child. I just didn't want to acknowledge the fact that I am only a beginner. I wanted to believe that if I really put my mind to it, I could just leap from newbie to advanced stitcher. But it just doesn't work that way. At last I have had to admit defeat and slow down. What happened I can hear you ask - well, I tried to get started on my big "eavenweave" project (Cove Haven Inn) on Friday night. I tried three times and three times I had to frog it all. I am just not up to the "over two" stitching at the moment. My eye is just not tuned in to it yet. I need a little more stitching on the much easier Aida. I have to be patient and do some more practising.
So that is when I started the "Princess Palace" later that night. It is done on Aida (some of the RAK that Meg sent to me - thank you again Meg!). It is a much larger count that the other Aida's I have worked on, so the stitches are so nice and small - it makes it look so neat. I just love it.
Today was not as easy as yesterday though - my mind kept on wandering I lost my place a few times and had to re-count. Even had to frog a few times too. Here is where I am now (a much clearer picture than yesterday). The aida is actually a beautiful khaki color - I need to learn how to work with this camera!

Maureen gave me the "Lovely Blog Award" this past week - thank you Maureen. It is very sweet of you :) Passing it on to only seven people is a little tricky - I just love soooo many blogs. I am not even gonna try to make that decision. How about I just nominate everyone on my bloglist!


  1. We all have times like that...I still have to count each thread individually with evenweave...stick at it, a little at a time and it will get easier. You need good daylight and never touch it when you are tired lol

  2. Thank you guys - you are too kind :)

  3. Chrizette ~
    If you pick a small project with big blocks of color for a linen or even weave piece it will work better for you.
    It is not so daunting and you can follow the pattern because you have the previous stitch at the top as your guide.
    Also do you have a magnet board? It is a rectangle of metal with magnet strips on it. You put your pattern on it and the strips help you keep your place. If you start at the top and use your strip as the guide you move it down as you stitch the symbol. It really helps a lot.
    It's cold there isn't it?
    My daughter is here now visiting and she says it is really cold now. Not here though it is in the 100's.
    Take care and let me know if you have a board or can get one. I will send one home with the stuff I have for you with Heather.
    Take care and your dog is so cute. I love his eye watching you. Cats, which I have don't care.
    Visit my blog if you can and you can see Heather and her family. It is
    Congrats on your award!
    Toodles ~
    God Bless ~

  4. I have been exactly where you are with using evenweave and linen. AND I felt that way after stitching for 20 years!!!
    Solution. Choose a small pattern to do on the evenweave. Something without a lot of color changes. Do a little bit each day you stitch. 15 to 20 minutes. Before you know it it will feel perfectly natural and aide will feel weird. :)
    Good luck.


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