Sunday, July 26, 2009

Urgghh, hated this week.

I made some changes on my blog again. Hope you don't mind finding a surprise now and again. I just love trying out all the nice goodies out there in web-land. It seems just a shame not to test them for a little while. I also took some of my border-pictures down. Trying to slim down a bit till I get the urge to make it more "girly" again. :)

I had a amazingly terrible week. My arthritis flared up and even a visit to the doctor didn't help with the pain and swelling. Then halfway through a load of washing, the washing machine gave up the fight. I was stuck with a wet load of half-washed clothes, and hands that couldn't get it out. Urgghhh. And then, lucky me, I had to do some computer programme testing at work
yesterday morning. Things went better than expected and I was home before lunch (are things turning around for me at last?)

Luckily Mom-in-Law isn't too far away, so she let me use her washing machine last night. While she and hubby watched the rugby (Go Bokke Go!), I baked some pancakes and did some stitching. Here is where I am at the moment (no stitching done today).

I am starting a rotation tomorrow, so I will be putting a few stitches in all my different pieces. Hubby should be happy. Here is hoping I will be happy.


  1. Your blog looks great! I hope your arthritis gets better soon - hopefully everything will get better now :)
    Your stitching is coming along nicely - hope the rotation works for you, it will be fun following your progress on all your WIPs!

  2. You poor thing! Having your washing machine die mid cycle, and with painful hands to deal with it all... I hope this will be the beginning of a much better week! A week full of lovely pain free stitching. Visiting your blog today makes me want to start cross stitching something right this minute! xo

  3. Oh, I can relate with the pain of arthritis! I was diagnosed with it when I was 13 and it can be incredibly miserable. Sorry you had such a hard week, hope next week is better : )

  4. Hi Chrizette, ek hoop jy voel sommer baie beter! Geniet jou week. Groete Ronel

  5. Thank you all - I am working on a full 180 degree attitude adjustment at the moment. :)


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