Sunday, July 5, 2009

Organizing is my middle name :)

Not much stitching was done this weekend. I didn't even start sorting the threats for my new kits! Can you believe that?

I only worked a little on "Kipper". I did some of his little legs up to his knees
(did you think he was that short?) and some arm and tail. Mostly this was done last night while I spend some time with hubby watching "Wall-E". What a cute little movie!! Pixar is really pumping out the hits! Everything they seem to touch, turn to gold. We really enjoy most of their animations as there is always something for the adults in the dialogue too. And off course every time Wall-E said his name, I was oohhhhh and aahhhh -ing . . . :)

What took up most of the weekend, was sorting charts and patterns. I got a whole bundle as a gift and off course I have loads on my computer that's from freebie sites, etc. I sorted it in a "WANNA STITCH" pile and then all the rest. I have so many in my WANNA STITCH pile that I will have to become 150 years old if I want to stitch it all. And as you have seen, I love all the "big projects" so my pile is full of those - and they take a loooooonnnnggggg time. Now I just have to sort the WANNA STITCH pile. Yeah, you read right - it's the perfectionist sneaking up on me again . . . I have to put all the angels, fairies or rustic homes, etc together or else I will always feel something is wrong. But I just love looking at all the photos and pictures, so it is not "hard" work . . . :)

Happiness is a warm puppy. ~Charles M. Schulz


  1. Such a nice to stitch. He is such a cutie. Too many projects to stitch, lol.

  2. I have to reorganize my stitching every few months as WIPs become UFOs, UFO's become WIPS once again, and kitten projects become WIPS and so on. LOL

    The proper term for having stash that will outlast your life time is SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy). Let's not forget about S.E.X. (stash enhancement experience...needlework-related purchases.) This can be done even if you have SABLE. If you feel guilty about the S.E.X. you can always StRIP (Stash Reduction Implementation Plan. Typically, no new purchases are allowed for a set amount of time and/or until a certain amount of stash is used up.) Unless, of course, you are a PRUDE (Person Resisting Unnecessarily Diminishing Existing stash, i.e. someone who refuses to StRIP.) Generally I am a PRUDE. Sometimes my stitching buddies will talk me into StRIPing, but it never lasts long.

  3. Thank you, Lee. I have put it to the side at the moment - he isn't a priority right now. Hopefully he won't turn into a UFO. :)

    Love this post Branlaadee :)


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