Tuesday, July 21, 2009

There is just something

about this pattern that tickles me. I just want to stitch on it all the time. I wanted to start doing a rotation this week but at the moment I am enjoying it too much to put it down. Since I started it on Friday, I have managed to stitch a little on it every day. Here is where I am now . . .

Thank you for all your kind and encouraging words after my "interesting" weekend. I will definately give the eavenweave a try again - soon.


  1. This definately looks like a fun stitch. It's so cute and whimsical. It also has a lot of small sections so you always feel like you've accomplished something..."oooh look, another fireworks done! Finished the first tower!" etc.

  2. Hi Chrizette,you are doing great,doesn't it help if you enjoy the piece your working on,the colours are so nice as well....Margaret...xo


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