Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happiness is . . .

. . . stitching all day.

I was home alone today (hubby had to work), so I could laze around and stitch all day. I started one of my new projects like I planned. It is "'Cut Thru' Princess Palace" by Bothy Threads (see the photo in my border). It was a very fun stitch and I will probably have a go at it again tomorrow and skip the other new start I had planned. We'll see . . .
I managed to finish page 1 (of nine) but it has little stitching in comparison with the other pages. So I don't think I will be able to claim that again after just one day :)

Spud kept an eye on me all day. He followed me around - every time I got up he walked right beside me. He even protected me by laying in front of the shower this morning :)

He was exhaused after all the stress of the day (being a bodyguard is hard work for a little boy). As soon as hubby sat down for a little TV tonight, he was right under the blanket.


  1. your stitching is coming along beautifully, and I love your bodyguard what a lovable little bot...

  2. that should have been what a lovable little boy that will teach me to look before I hit the send button

  3. AWWW poor pup. So tired after work. I guess guarding you while you did some lovely stitching is hard work :0)


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