Thursday, July 9, 2009

A frog will be skinned tonight

This is what I did this week. And this is what will be frogged tonight. The colour shades are just not working together. The lights are too light and the darks too dark. Even though it will be frogged, it was a very enjoyable stitch for me.

This is some of Meg's Aida and a much smaller count than I have used before. I really loved it because off course the stitches are much smaller and neater which gives such a nice effect (and off course it was the first time that I stitched on a colour other than white or cream).

The frogging is sad but definitely necessary. :)

Funny quote: He who laughs last didn't get it.


  1. I cant see what is wrong with it but I guess it is all down to personal taste. At least you enjoyed it. Good luck frogging!

  2. Gaynor, you are making me doubt my desicion. I didn't frog it this weekend. I have decided to give it a few more days. It is next to my bed, so I can keep seeing it . . .


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