Sunday, July 12, 2009

Frames or hoops?

I completed gridding the "Woodland Enchantress" at last. It took some time and since it is such a boring job, it made if feel even longer. I think I deserve a little break and am now browsing the internet and reading some of your blogs. The first stitches will happen in the next half hour or so. Yipeeee, I can't wait. :) I am a very excited girl.

While browsing all the different blogs and seeing all your lovely projects, I was wondering . . . "What do you guys use to hold your fabric while stitching?" I only have wooden hoops (the old fashioned ring kind) but have seen some use q-snaps and wooden frames. I am leaning towards those wooden frames. They do not look very complicated - wonder if a more basic kind cannot be made at home? Any ideas or suggestions?

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  1. Well, I started out with hoops. Then I found q-snaps. From there I went to the scroll rods. Then back to q-snaps. Now I am stitching in hand for everything. I got tired of moving around the frames all the time.

    What you really need to do is try them each out and see what fits your hands better. My hoops were always getting broken and they were a pain to put on the fabric. The scroll frames always seemed big and bulky to me, the knobs were alays getting caught on my fibers, and I hated sewing the fabric onto the rods (although now they have the velcro stuff and other ways of attaching it).

    Q-snaps were always my favorite. They are light weight, easy to hold and nothing sticking out of them to get caught on stuff. They are quick and easy to put on your fabric and they travel well.

    But with stitching in hand, I never have to drag anything around with me. There is no prep time, I just grab my stitching and go.

    It's all about personal preference. I am sure as you go on with your stitching career, you'll try all of them and figure out what you like best. :) So, treat yourself to a scroll or q-snaps now and then try the other in a few months or more.

  2. answer was longer than your original post. LOL

  3. I use hoops for small projects, and frames for larger. I have q-snaps and wooden frames which scroll but also work on the same principal...they clip on rather than need to be sewn on lol. If I need to use a stand, then a frame it is.

  4. I use my hand. I want to get some q-snaps sometime soon. I wonder if it would cut my frogging in half. I am not a big fam of hoops. I do have some but I don't like the effect they have on the stitches already in place.

  5. I use both Qsnaps and scroll frames I like them both my favorite is the Qsnap but it's really up to the individual,it's best to try them and see which suits you.

  6. I think that q-snaps might be on my next purchase list (in a few months' time). You guys just helped me make that final desicion. The hoops are really a pain to use.

  7. I make my own scrolls....I love them and you don't have to sew anything on them to roll the material up. If you want my instructions, just email me at and I'll send them to you.

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