Sunday, June 7, 2009

About this and that . . .

Another wonderful weekend past. Much, much too fast. I didn't have to leave the house at all this weekend. Stocked up on everything I thought we would need on Friday, so that I could just laze around and do what I wanted.

I stitched. . . a lot. Told myself that I couldn't just jump around all over the place all the time (the confetti stitches are driving me batty :)), so I decided to start with the left bottom corner of Passion Flower Angel. Slowly but surely, I am se
eing some progress although no definite forms yet, all just the blurry background still. The bright pink is the beginning of a flower though. If you use your imagination . . . come on, try . . .

Treated hubby and myself with some Caramel Tart. This is the easiest (and quickest) tart you will ever find - just three ingredients.
Coconut biscuits, caramel and cream (cream is a little too rich for us in this recipe, so I use "Orley Whip", a non-dairy cream). Take each biscuit and spread some caramel on it. Place it in a dish of your choice till the bottom is totally covered. Next is a layer of the cream that you have whipped. You can then repeat the layers ending with the cream layer. Grate some chocolate on top, and in the fridge it goes till the cream sets a bit.

Yum, yum, yum. :) I guarantee it will only last a day or two.

Quote: "Cheese… milk's leap toward immortality." quote by, Clifton Fadiman.

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  1. Your WIP looks great. I finally see why people grid. It makes it so easy to bounce around and get the stitches in the right place. Thank you for posting the totally useless sal. I joined last week and can't wait to fill my jar, lol.


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