Friday, June 19, 2009

Paypal . . .

. . . decided that I was done in. Yeah, that's right, they decided in my favor. :) I am very happy - they even refunded the whole amount. Doing happy dances all around the room at the moment!!

But I was a very bad girl . . . I went and spent all the money and a little bit more again (without waiting for it to even show in my bank account). I am baaaaad, so baaaaad . . . hubby is going to be so mad. Hie-Hie :) This is all your fault, girls - your blogs are just too nice. It just make me want to join in! When hubby comes in the room, I am going to blame you!! :)


  1. No fair teasing us and not telling us what you got!! And if it's all good stuff...I'll gladly take the blame. :D

    I am glad Paypal has returned your money. I am sorry you didnt get your stuff though.

  2. You can blame us,as long as you show us what you bought, and I'm very happy for you that Paypal refunded you money...

  3. Glad to hear you could work it out. Told you pay pal would help you fix it!


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