Saturday, June 20, 2009

My new eBay purchases

Nutmegg and Brandaalee wanted to see what I bought last night, so here's some photos.
I decided to buy kits as it is just soooo much trouble trying to get the floss separately here. It is either unavailable or too expensive at the places I know about so far - so kits just seem like a good idea. Hopefully I will sniff out some shops where I can actually find the floss . . . hey, I have only been stitching since May. Can't get everything immediately . . . have to be patient.

The "Cove Haven Inn" (above) is going to be stitched on eavenweave, which I think will be a challenge. I am looking forward to all those lines . . .

I seem to have developed a love of angels and fairies and maidens. :) "Woodland Enchantress" is going to be one of my favourites, I think. All those folds in the material is just calling out to me . . .


  1. Oh, wow! You sure 'go big' don't you, girlfriend? They are beautiful, and I'm sure you will enjoy every stitch!

  2. Hi Chrizette, thanks for letting us see what you bought,they are wonderful,I will be following you to see how you progress....Nutmegg (Margaret)

  3. Hi Chrizette, I love your new purchases. I have definitely been considering Woodland Enchantress myself.

  4. Great choices Chrizette - i just love that Woodland Enchantress - such gorgeous colours . make sure you keep us posted of progess

  5. I have wanted Woodland Enchantress since I saw her in a HEAD. Will be watching to see how you like stitching her.


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