Monday, January 24, 2011

How do you administrate your blog?


This past weekend I have seen #bloggiesta all over twitter all the time.  I started reading some of the linked posts and what a great idea.  Bloggiesta is all about getting to the administrative thingies that you usually just let slide.  I might have to join this challenge next year.  (Details can be found here 

Reading all these inspiring posts made me think – how do you administrate your blog?  Do you schedule blog posts well in advance?  Do you use templates to make it easier to write your posts/reviews?  What am I missing?  What should I be doing that I am not?  Please help.

Looking forward to seeing your comments. 


  1. One thing I don't do, but really should, is use templates. I've been too busy with other Bloggiesta tasks to figure them out though. Maybe next time.

  2. I pick up snippets as I go - but still need to learn a lot about blogging! I've (so far) never scheduled a post in advance.

  3. I like the idea of Bloggiesta too. I really wish I could particpate. Unfortunately that doesn't work so well with a husband and baby that want me to pay attention to them (my husband is already jealous of my netbook and kindle enough as it is, lol). So what I've been doing is making a list of my ideas or neat bloggish things (widgets, etc) on my computer then trying to do one or two things a day whenever I have time.

    I do have a template for my reviews in a word document of my computer. This helps tremendously because I write my sections out of order and I can be very forgetful sometimes. Templates don't really make sense to me for my other posts so I just copy and paste the intros and re-check how I've done them in the past so they are the same style.

    I wish I could schedule more posts in advance. I usually take it one week at a time. I decide what I'm doing that week and then hopefully I get each post done on the day I hope for but I don't stress if it's a day after I planned.

    I hope some of this helps. Good luck (and have fun) figuring things out!


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