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Book Review: The Wolf

Title: The Wolf (Sons of Destiny)
Author: Jean Johnson
Series:  Sons of Destiny #2
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Publication date: 02 March 2010 (reprint)
Author’s website:
Next in the series:  The Master
Source:  My own copy

"The second son shall know his fate:
He who hunts is not alone
When claw would strike and cut to bone
A Chain of silk shall bind his hand
So Wolf is caught in marriage-band."
And another prophecy will come to pass…
Wolfer is the second eldest in a family of 4 sets of twins. The brothers now live in exile on Nightfall Isle after the fear of their fellow citizens drove them from their home. But it is not a peaceful existence. They are constantly terrorized by magical (but deadly) creatures sent by their enemies.

I loved Wolfer's character. I have a real soft spot for a broody hero and Wolfer is an expert in this field. He is constantly playing with the band of hair woven around his arm by his childhood friend, Alys . . . and thinking of her.

Alys is living a hellish existence under the evil rule of her uncle after her parents were killed. But when her uncle decides to sell her as bride to the highest bidder, Alys decides to try to escape. And the only safe place she can think of is Wolfer's arms. The journey is filled with danger but it is not long before her goal is within reach.

Alys has loved Wolfer since she was three years old and he kissed her scraped knee, but there are a lot of ugly secrets that need to be brought into the open before true love will be able to bloom. And of course, her uncle will not give up his little money basket quite so easily.

I enjoyed THE WOLF and will definitely be reading the rest of this eight book series. The world of Nightfall Isle is filled with strange magic but at the same time it reminds very much of home. The brothers have very human emotions, which is enforced by their thoughts and actions.
It was an easy and relaxing read but I would suggest that you read the books in order. There are definitely some spoilers for the first book, THE SWORD, in this one.
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