Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blogger Interview: Romance Book Junkies

Please meet my blogging buddy, Danielle from Romance Book Junkies.  I love Danielle’s blog as we both love romance and if there is a little paranormal thrown in, all the better – I visit almost every day. 
Danielle, thank you for being such a good sport and answering a few of my questions.  Let’s get right to the nitty-gritty :)
Please tell us a little about your blog and what we can expect from you in the future.
My blog is a romance book blog. I read and review mostly adult novels but I will read the occasional YA novel. Besides reviews I also have author spotlights featuring authors I have read and enjoyed. I will never do a author spotlight or giveaway if I haven't read and enjoyed at least one of their books. For most of my author spotlights I also host a giveaway of one of their books so that you have a chance of reading one of their books for free. I also host Monthly Book Giveaways every month were you could win a new release book coming out that month.
Why did you start blogging?  And how long has it been?
I started blogging because I wanted to help people make good decisions about which books they read. Hopefully my book blogging friends and I can keep you from wasting your money buying bad books. I also wanted to have a place to keep track of all the books I read and my thoughts on them because I have a terrible memory and tend to unknowingly read books over again. Blogging is a labor of love for me and I really enjoy it so I think I would be happy even if no one read any of my reviews. Don't get me wrong I LOVE each and every one of my readers.I started blogging on August 2, 2010.
How much time and energy do you put into your blog?
I put a lot of time into my blog probably at least a couple of hours every day which includes reading other blogs posts. You can even ask my husband. hehe :)
Do you enjoy doing memes?  Which ones can be found on your blog?
I do enjoy some of the memes. I participate in the 18 & Over Book Blogger Tag Along, Teaser Tuesday, Do you judge a Book by the Cover? on Thursday, Follow Friday and The Blog Hop. I think the memes are a great way to meet new book blogging friends.
How would you describe your review style?
I like to give as much information as possible about the book I'm reviewing such as the series, pages, genre and the author's website. I post the Goodreads blurb first so that I can focus on my thoughts about the book instead of giving a summary of the book. In my review I try to touch on all the different elements of the story and recommend who I think would enjoy it. At the end I will give the book a rating and offer a link were you can purchase the book. 
What advise would you give new book bloggers out there?
I would tell all the new book bloggers to get out there and make a lot of friends in the blogosphere. I also think its important to try and post something every day or as much as possible to keep people coming.
Great advise, Danielle.  Thank you once again. 
You can visit Romance Book Junkies by clicking on the blog button at the top of the page.

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