Thursday, August 23, 2012

National Braai Day with Fireworks by Jan Braai


This Friday, August 24, Jan Braai, the head of the National Braai Day initiative and the author of Fireworks, and Cameron van der Burgh, 2012 Olympic gold medallist will be putting smiles on 252 children of Abangani Enkosini in Alexandra, with a boerewors (sausage) braai.

This comes after Cameron van der Burgh received a cow from National Braai Day in honour of his gold medal triumph at the London Olympics. The cow, valued at R7 000, is being converted into the equivalent value of wors - a total of 140kg.

In support of South Africa’s hunger for glory and the hunt for medals at the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London, National Braai Day pledged to present a cow (or its equivalent in meat) to every South African athlete that brought home an Olympic gold medal from London.

The “ raising the steaks” incentive scheme stirred up some great excitement on National Braai Day’s Facebook page amongst those South Africans who are keen braaiers and are proudly South African. The same views held by the National Braai Day initiative which aims to unite South Africans around the fire.

National Braai Day is working hard on getting in touch with Chad Le Clos and the rowing team members who also made South Africa proud by taking home gold medals In London earlier this month, to hand over their honorary cows in order to properly prepare them for National Braai Day on 24 September, which promises to be the next highlight of their (and the South African public's) year.

To interview Jan Braai, or for more information about the book Fireworks, contact Tarryn Talbot at or call 011 731 3440.

Look out for my review of Fireworks coming soon (thank you Pan PacMillan South Africa!!)

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