Friday, December 3, 2010

I am back for the Blog Hops this weekend

Well, the one-eyed Jack Chriz is back. I am squinting at the screen but I am here.  So let the weekend games begin!

Book Blogger Hop

In the spirit of the Twitter Friday Follow, the Book Blogger Hop is a place just for book bloggers and readers to connect and share our love of the written word!  This weekly BOOK PARTY is an awesome opportunity for book bloggers to connect with other book lovers, make new friends, support each other, and generally just share our love of books!  It will also give blog readers a chance to find other book blogs to read!  So, grab the logo, post about the Hop on your blog, and start HOPPING through the list of blogs that are posted in the Linky list below!!

The Hop lasts Friday-Monday every week, so if you don't have time to Hop today, come back later and join the fun!  This is a weekly event!  And stop back throughout the weekend to see all the new blogs that are added!  Click on the button to go to the hop host.
This week's question is:    
"What very popular and hyped book in the blogosphere did you NOT enjoy and how did you feel about posting your review?"
I can't really answer this week's question, so I will skip it and come read your anwers :)

Click on the button above to join the blog hopping at as well.  Come on, you know how it works!  And if you don't, all will be explained - hop on over!

The question this week - What do you do besides reading / reviewing as a hobby??
I love cross stitching (Chriz’s stitchy blog) and oil painting and off course a large addition is blogging - that takes up a huge chunk of my time :)

Okay I am off to go do a little hopping . . .


  1. Now you have me interested. New follower.
    Feel free to stop by

  2. Just hopping by...lovely blog header. It really sets the mood, doesn't it?

    Here's my blogger hop post:

    (click my name)

  3. Hi,
    Yay! It's Friday! I'm so glad for the week to be over maybe now I can get some reading time in. I'm stopping by for the Blog Hop and Follow Friday. I just noticed your clock and it so funny its 11:30am here and 6:30pm there. I hope you have a awesome weekend! =) xoxo

    Romance Book Junkies

  4. Just hopping by to say Hi! I’m fairly new to the wonderful book blogosphere, so I’m still anxiously waiting to read my first overhyped book within the community… Not looking forward to posting the review.

    Stop by if you get a chance.

  5. Guilty...Same here with the blog addiction. Here to return a favor :) Happy FF

  6. Just stopping by from the blogger hop. I really like the look of your blog!

  7. Hi,
    Just hopping by and following through. Blogging is absolutely time consuming!


  8. Hi there! I'm an old follower dropping by to say hi! Hope you have a great weekend.

  9. Blogging surely does take up a chunk of time! I'm in the Book Blogger Hop, too.


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