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Blogger interview: LovLivLife Reviews


The bubbly Chasticy from LovLivLife Reviews are with us today.  And what a fun interview this was - thank you so much for being here today, Chasticy!!

Aloha Everyone.  Aloha Chrizette.  Thank you for having me babble on your blog today!

Please tell us a little about your blog.
LovLivLife Reviews is short for Lovin’ & Livin’ Life Reviews: One Yummy Book at a Time. The idea behind the name & motto is simple: my love of reading while living my life.  Basically, I live life literally one book at a time.  I could be hiking trails or at the beach but I always have a book near by.
Nicholas Sparks @ the beach.  Taken by me.

Recent hike.  Pix taken by me. Wiliwili Nui Ridge on the East side of Oahu.

How did it all start?   And how long has it been?
My blog has seen a few changes over the years.  It began as a personal blog then morphed into a book blog.  I’ve been book blogging for a year now but I’ve been blogging (in general) for a few years now.   Books/Reading is one of my main passions in my life so I am not surprised that my personal blog made that change.

How much time and energy do you put into your blog?
I spend a considerable amount of time book blogging- not to mention other blogging I do.  I used to work online managing a local forum but now that is no longer I have more time for my bookie adventures.  My time is split between: maintaining my blog (reading, preparing posts, organizing events, etc), Reading/commenting on other blogs, Reading/replying to blog emails and then just browsing for bookie news and titles.  So overall book blogging gets a great deal of my time and energy.  But there is no other place online or in person that can compare to the book blogging community so I enjoy every minute spent.  As far as translating all that into hours per week I am going to avoid that calculating that number so I can remain oblivious :D

Do you enjoy doing memes and if so, which ones can be found on your blog?
I enjoy memes that are fun, simple and with purpose.  The main Meme I participate in is In My Mailbox.  The platform is already set and the idea is not only easy but it serves a purpose that my blog (and me) benefits from.
As far as Memes in general, I don’t do them as often due to the time difference.  In Hawaii, I seem to behind everyone in time.  So come Tuesday night when I want to post a Teaser Tuesday everyone is already past it and on Waiting on Wednesday.  It’s not just making the posts either it’s commenting as well.  I comment when everyone is asleep or vice versa.  However, with tools like scheduled postings (if I can get mine to work) time difference really is not as big an issue.

On LovlivLife Reviews, I have my own features one being similar to WOW.  I have On My Hit List.  It is a feature that can be done any day of the week and is purposed to showcase books you are waiting to read, want to read, hope to read or just want to share.  Not a big difference from other memes like WOW (I call it feature) but also a way to include or consolidate other postings I was doing like spotlighting book posts.  I do always encourage commentors to leave a link to their postings no matter the featured name.

How would you describe your review style and how do you handle reviews when you didn't enjoy the book?
Ohhhh.... good question.  If I did not like a book and it’s from my personal shelf more likely I will not review it.  Main reason being- reviews take time and it’s time I could spend reading blog posts or cracking open a new book.
If it is a book I committed to reviewing I make sure I back up with reasons and/or point out a spot(s) in the novel in support of my comments.  It’s hard not to mix in personal preferences so when I do I am sure to mention it is my opinion only.  For instance, I read a fantastic book but there was a lot of drug usage and cigarette smoking.  I made comment towards it because they are both issues I feel strongly about but gave the book high marks.

My overall style is: I enjoy a book- I’m happy!  I’m not a professional editor or writer so I can only review from my personal entertainment perspective.  Right now I do not have a rating system because many times as days pass my thoughts on a book evolve so my rating may change.  Also, I think many readers by pass reading reviews.  *From my personal experience* I look at the rating and then maybe I will skim the review and maybe I will read it fully.

I will say this.... I am an easy reviewer.  All I want to do is visit a whole new world and enjoy myself.... plus, man candy is always a plus.  Barrons from Fever series, Bones from Night Huntress, Clay from WTOW, Curran from Kate Daniels- shall I go on? LOL!

What can we expect from you in the future?
Soon I will be hosting a giveaway worth a million dollars in books.  

=D Just kidding. Although I am sure many of us dream of having free and unlimited supply of books and a million bucks pretty much achieves that.

There are three projects I am working on. One is a new feature that is meant to be fun and keep the flow of communication and interaction between bloggers and blogger & readers.  Kind of like this post here.  The second is my Book Jackets.  My goal for 2011 is to have a few Book Jacket giveaways per month minimum.  Psst, I am eager to try out a new style for a Book Jacket but time eludes me.
(Love these, aren't pretty!)

The third project is a series of giveaways in sipport of my Hawaii Libraries.  The books would be from the Hawaii State Public Library (the various branches) ‘For Sale’ racks.  The money is used to support the Hawaii libraries & its branches and in these economic times the libraries could use the funds.  I find a ton of great books in great shape on these shelves and I always think to my self ‘someone would love that.”  Many times, I pass them up because I either don't read the genre or I already have it.  If you frequent my blog you will see that I find some AMAZING books on these shelves.  In fact, I would love hear what you think of this potential (not implemented yet) feature,  your thoughts on its success level, possible feature name, etc.

What advise would you give new book bloggers out there?
Blog for the love of reading and sharing.  Don’t be afraid to email other bloggers for advice or help with something you see them using on their blog and reciprocate when you are sought out.  Lastly, do your own thing and incorporate your other talents, passions and hobbies- like sewing with me.

Mahalo Chrizette and readers for giving me the opportunity to talk waaaaay too much.  I hope everyone enjoys themselves this time of year no matter what you are celebrating.  
*blowing a kiss* xoxo, Chasity @ ♫♥LovLiveLife Reviews♥♫

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  1. Hello everyone..... It's only after 5pm here in Hawaii but I bet most of you are close to calling it a night. I, too, can't wait to snuggle up with a good book.

    I just finished a book and looking for another read form my Up Next Stash!!!

    I hope more of you will come by and say hi. I am going to subscribe to this post so that i can keep up with everyone!!

    Happy Reading!

  2. Hey Chastity! Fun interview. When is that million dollar giveaway? LOL. Sounds like you have some great ideas for the upcoming year.

  3. *scratching my head*
    Oh.... that million dollar giveaway is it's way.

    hehehe!! Hi Caroline. I'm trying to get my blog to a point where I'm happy with it!!=) Thx for popping in!

  4. Yikes, sorry incorrect spelling... Carolyn. =) Hello!

  5. Hi Chasity! Great interview. Looking at your beach and hiking pics makes me sooo jealous. We're covered in snow right now.

  6. I would love to say getting ready for bed Chas but in my CST zone in Texas it is only now noon time... Of to eat something but had to drop in and say Hello to you and Chrizette!

    I totally agree with you blogging is not something you should even try to put a number on how many hours it takes, the fun benefits are more important for sure! (plus it would be "scary" if the number was actually arrived at the hours spent on every aspect)LOL

    I too love those pics, must be nice to have that available 24/7 and 365 a year!

    jackie >_<

  7. Hi Eleri!!
    The past 24hrs have been pouring rain- my form of snow. Pathetic really- no snowmen for me =(

    Hi Hi Jackie!!
    Yes, I am going to avoid placing a definitely figure on the time spent blogging. And the kicker- I dont think I do as much as other blog sites. Some bloggers go above and beyond. For me, I spend lots of time and would do more if my children were older but they are still wee butty ones!!

    Thanks for coming by Eleri and Jackie. You both have an awesome week!!

  8. You make me want to visit you! I'm warning you! ;)

    Whee! A mil in books! Yes, I'm intentionally ignoring the j/k part. :D

    Your blog rocks and this was a fun interview!

  9. hahaha Melissa.... more like I spend a mil in books!

  10. yay for chas! btw: love the themed book jackets, how about jackets for kindles?

  11. Hey vvb!! *waving*

    Yeah, I can easily alter the design's dimension for anything.
    With my experience- my kindle has a leather case. I can make a cover for the case with handles but the Kindle itself wouldnt be much protected with the fabric only. At least not with the design I've featured.

    =) Anything for you vvb, lmk!

  12. Chasity! Great interview! :) It is always so cool to get to answer questions. :) And congrats on your blog. You really have come a long way and I'm glad to have been there through most of it. :) I have to agree to not be afraid to ask questions of other bloggers. They are all friendly and wont chew up up or anything like that. :)

  13. Very true Melissa!=)

    And no kidding.... a loooooong way indeed. In fact, I believe you are among of the firsts of regular visitors I recall when I made the full switch to a book blog!!=)

    *cheers* to you and everyone. cant wait for the new year to roll around!


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