Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Things to be happy about #3


I got the inspiration for this blog post from the book called14,000 Things to be Happy About.: Revised and Updated edition by Babara Ann Kipfer.  I will be doing a regular post adding things from my everything life.  Here is some of the things that make me smile.

16.  A puppy with her face stuck in a shoe.
17.  Knowing people that knows computers. :)
18.  Having a weekend away from everything.
19.  Hearing nothing but farm noises when you wake in the morning.
20.  The cutest doggy clothes!

DSCF1805     DSCF2439
21.  The smell of frying onions (especially if hubby is making the food!).

You might also wanna look at the website called Things to be happy about.  Some more things to be smiling about.


  1. i love number 21. such an amazing smell!

  2. That is such a cute doggy sweatshirt! :)

  3. LOL that doggy shirt is adorable and fits my dog to a tee! We through the ball for her and she just stares at us and waits for us to get the ball!

  4. Hi Chriz,
    Tag your it. You've been tagged because we want to know more about you. You can go here to read the details.


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