Monday, September 27, 2010

Random Stuff #4

We went away this past long weekend had a wonderful, relaxing time.  We stayed on a farm owned by a friend – he transformed one of the houses into a little guesthouse and a group of us went to re-charge our batteries.

Off course Friday was National Braai (barbeque) day in South Africa, so breakfast started with a braai (bacon, sausages and eggs :)  For supper we had two legs of lamb on a spit.  Yummy!

     DSCF1697_thumb[3]      DSCF1775_thumb[5]

Rain has been very scarce in the area, so we though we would take my Jeep for a little spin in the dry riverbed.  Oops . . . look out!  Mud!!




Before we knew what happened, my Jeep sank up to the doors into the mud. 




Then the digging started.  If you look closely, you will also see the Landrover in front of us that also got stuck trying to pull us out :) 

By this time we sent some of the children to fetch the farmer and the tractor – lol

After about two hours, we were out and it didn’t stop hubby to want to go and play further in the dunes (which we did).  Luckily we did not get stuck again.  He thought that the getting stuck part was the best part!  :)

A very fun weekend!

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