Sunday, September 19, 2010

Random Stuff #3

cute baby

Another week gone by and another chance for my weekly post filled with some randomness. This is the little random things that is not big enough for a post of their own but still worth talking about.  BUT BE WARNED, these posts might contain really silly stuff :)

1. BlogFest was this past weekend - I felt like a child in a candy store.  I have not been able to enter so many international competitions . . . ever!  But I thought I had square eyes for a few days.  So much blogging . . . and nothing else.  Was heaps of fun!  I won two (yeah you read it!) eBooks :)  Am very excited.  Will post reviews when I am done.


2.  I am very excited because I have decided to join the FALL GIVEAWAY.  This will be a blog hop on a smaller scale than Blogfest but heaps of fun.  I hope you will come back and visit from 22 September.  I think there might be openings still, so you can send an email to if you want to join the games but you will have to hurry!

3.  I started another blog called Everythings just peachy today where I am posting links to (mostly book) giveaways I find.  So feel free to hop on over. 

4.  Had a painting class again yesterday after such a long time.  Here is where I am now – got some way to go still.


And please enter my first ever giveaway - you can find it here. You will have to hurry - closes tonight.

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  1. I'm participating in the fall giveaway too and can't wait. What a good idea having a blog for giveaways I'll make sure I check it out.

    You painting is really turning out great. I do some oil painting but I haven't done any in a long time. So sad :(

    Hope your having a great weekend!


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