Sunday, September 5, 2010

Random Stuff #1

I thought I would start a weekly post just filled with randomness . . . little random things that is not big enough for a post of their own but still worth talking about.  BUT BE WARNED, these posts might contain really silly stuff :)

1.  First of all come do a happy dance with me!  If you have been reading my blog for a bit, you would have gotten the idea that I LOVE my kindle and eBooks in general.  You would also have noticed my personal gripe with Amazon for having to pay that dreadful $2 fee on all books (yeah, yeah, they are quivering in their boots, I know).  So imagine my joy when I got a book for $0.00.  A free book that is actually free!!  And to top it off - it's a biography!  I am now rejuivenated to try and find more.  If you are also an international kindle user and you find a similar bargain - please share!  Here is the link to Cybill Disobedience.


2. I recently joined another book review community called netGALLEY. What a wonderful site! Here you can request books from the publisher for review on you web or blog sites. I requested WILDTHORN and received it the very next day. So I had the oppertunity to write my first real review - you can find it here.  All very exciting.  I hope to do many more :)

3.  Laughter is watching your six week old puppy trying to reverse out of the bath while she is having her first bath.  If only I had another pair of hands, I could have taken a photo - it was priceless.   After giving my two babies a bath, I was soaked as well but now they are just coconut-ty fresh :)  I just love pressing my nose into their necks for that "just bathed doggy smell :)

4.  The first week of the September Spectacular Challenge is also past - one book down and three more to go :)  I got my book review submitted in time, so maybe . . . hey, I have to win something someday . . . just have to keep trying.  Anyway, I seem to be super unlucky when it comes to competitions - I have never ever won anything :)
5.  Talking about give-aways, I posted two new ones on my BLOG CANDY tab.  Check it out here.  There are some wonderful books up for grabs. 

Well enough for now.  Got some blog-visiting to do :)  Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Yay! I'm your 99th follower. I feel special. :) Your puppies are ADORABLE! I wish I could scoop them up right now! :D

    I have yet to discover the wonderful world of e-books because I don't have an e-book reader. But, happy reading!


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