Monday, October 26, 2009

Still only Fairy Tales

I have stitched some more on Fairy Tales - she is the only one I am stitching on at the moment, the only one I want to stitch.  All the other patterns will just have to wait for a little while longer - I just love working on her.  I decided to take out the little patch on her forehead and I feel much happier with it at the moment - will have to see how I feel after the whole face is finished (hope that two froggings were enough!).

I have discovered a website called SWAP-BOT.  And I think I might be enjoying it for a while.  I have registered and have already signed up for some email swaps.  :)  I might even join some of the package swaps in the future.  :)


  1. She is GORGEOUS!! I cant believe how 'real' she looks. And those roses-- you can almost smell them.

  2. Beautiful progress. And that forehead looks so much better now

  3. You've done a great job on the forehead and you're making great progress!

  4. Wow - she is beautiful - great progress! Her forehead also looks much better.


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