Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yesterday was a good day - today was not!

I took off the day yesterday.  I just needed some me-time . . . I tried very hard to just recharge my energy levels and maybe a little of my sanity.  I had such fun.  I started the day early and went to a local fabric shop I found that sells the "off-cuts"  from the rolls of material (you know, the last little bit (and sometimes not so little) on the rolls of material that no-one will buy).  They sell it by weight - I got a huge bag for a small amount out of my wallet. :)  Always a good thing!
I got out my sewing machine and sewed together my first quilt-pieces.  I think it is the first time I used my sewing machine - fun, fun, fun!  I know the sewing is not totally straight but I am going to incorporate it somehow into my first quilt.  I am terribly soppy about such things and just have to keep it.  I will always remember the feeling when I look at it.  Here is a picture of the pieces.

Today it was back to the place that turns my mood black.  Rumours have been doing the rounds that the company has a "cash-flow problem" and that they are struggling to pay salaries . . . and it doesn't help when HUGE errors are caught out and it seems that a "write-off" of huge proportions are on the cards.  I wish I could be a housewife!  I am tired of all the stress.


  1. I know what you mean about jobs, I've 'lived' through 3 companies closing due to employer error. It's really heartbreaking. Great job on your sewing!

  2. At last you have taken out your sewing machine and what good sewing you did,keep it up.

  3. Sewing is scary isn't it? Yours looks nice though! Mine gets a little crooked here and there.. but practice makes perfect. ;) I think you are in one of my yahoo groups but I can't remember which one.. Jane Austen stitchers or BBInteractive?

  4. Good luck with the quilting, my mom does it, but I'm going to stick to cross stitching! Sorry about the work stress!


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