Sunday, November 1, 2009

A fun weekend

I am always looking for bits of fabric these days - so what a thrill I got on Friday when I found a HUGE (and I mean enormous) bag of scraps on my chair when I stepped into the office.  A friend cleaned out her sewing room and gave me all the off-cuts that she had thrown into a bucket while sewing.  It was such fun sorting it and then ironing it all neatly (yeah, yeah - it's the perfectionist in me I guess).  It will be a wonderful addition to the quilt I am planning.  Here is what the pile looked like when I was finished ironing and trimming . . .

This week was also very productive when it comes to my cross stitching.  I have made nice progress - her face is taking shape.  Not far to go and she will be able to see - only one eye to go . . . :)

The frame have pushed some of the stitches a little skew . . . Is there a way to straighten them again?  Maybe I should put some fabric between the stitches and the "snap" holding it in place?  I don't want anything to spoil this my first big project.


  1. Wow - wonderful fabric - how lucky. Enjoy it. Like you I iron all mine neatly too. Your stitching is really coming on well. Love Michelle x

  2. Hi Chrizette!

    What a wonderful surprise to receive such a lovely collection of fabric scraps!

    Your HAED design looks fantastic - great progress!

    Have a great week,

  3. Great surprise! Not only to be used for quilting, but perhaps for backing XS ornaments, etc. Your lovely lady is coming along great! Keep it up!

  4. Most of the time the stitches put themselves back in place once they are filled in everywhere, I wouldnt worry too much about them. If they are smashed stitches, they'll puff back up in time. I tend to put a piece of white felt between my stitching and the qsnaps so that I dont get the edges too dirty with my hand oil.

    Congrats on the fabric stash! It looks great.

  5. Congrats on getting some pretty scraps. My mom quilts and she has given my some things and they come in handy for finishing things! Your lady is lovely and it won't matter if they are a little skewed. When you lace it to frame it, it will work itself out. And hmmmmm I don't see my blog on your sidebar,:-(

  6. Chrizette ~
    Your lady is lovely and she is really coming along nicely. If you are concerned about your stitches if you will iron the piece when you are done from the back your stitches will pop out nicely. I always try to wash and iron my work while it is still wet. I iron from the back and the stitches look even and plumped.
    Keep up the good work.
    Nice getting all that fabric your quilt will look amazing I am sure.
    Glad you had a great birthday.
    God Bless your stitching fingers ~


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