Sunday, October 4, 2009

My maiden aka Fairy Tales

I am really unhappy in my job.  I haven't been able to enjoy this weekend as my mind keeps on returning to all the trouble that will continue on Monday and probably for the next week.  I seem to keep going from one crisis to the next there.  I wish I had the courage to just quit.  Unfortunately I am in the position where I need to work . . . one salary is not enough at the moment.    Even my stitching couldn't help this weekend.  I hoped that it would help me relax but my mind kept on wandering back . . .   I wanted to finish the first page of my HAED this weekend but there is just too many confetti stitches going on.  Here is my update photo.


  1. Sorry to hear about your week! Keep your head up-- think positive, you are making extra 'stash' $$!! :). Your progress is fabulous--I am always amazed at the detail in these patterns..She is looking right back at you!!

  2. So sorry about work right now. I hope that things improve for you there. This too shall pass, be strong. The stitching will be waiting for you when you are ready.

  3. Wow - Your progress on Fairy Tales is amazing!

    Jammer om te hoor dat jy nog so ongelukkig is by die werk. Hou net moed! Jy is reg - in vandag se tye kan 'n mens dit nie bekostig om sonder werk te wees nie. Ek hoop dit gaan hierdie week beter :)


  4. She's really looking great, I know how the confetti can slow you down! Good luck resolving the job issues...or at least learning to deal with them.

  5. Your progress is great. And I am really sorry you are having issues with your job. I had issues too and I walked away I really am glad I made that choice. You are a strong woman. Keep your chin up

  6. Girl! I'm sorry to hear your job is not a happy one. I've had those kind before and not a lot can make them better. Hang in there and hopefully a new, better job will come your way very soon!
    Beautiful HAED progress:)

  7. Hey Chrizette ~
    Sorry to hear about your job problems. I have them here too. It makes getting out of bed very hard every morning. It is best to learn to deal, easier said than done, to make it better. Just remember to breath through the tuff times. I will be thinking of you.
    Now to the real stuff ~ Your stitching is so beautiful. You have come a long way very fast. Congratulations, my friend. I am proud of you. The progress on this piece is great and stunning.
    Take care and keep the faith. You do good work. Give that cute dog a kiss for me. I am off to write Heather an email. Of course, I had to stop by and see what's up on the blogs first.
    Peace ~


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