Saturday, October 10, 2009

We are nearing the end of page 1

I finished the face of page 1 - I am so chuffed (is that a word that is used outside of our borders?).  I am very happy with the results except for a few stitches on her forehead. 
I have checked and checked and checked again to see if I used the right colour but it keeps on saying DMC 407 everytime I look. :) And that is what I used . . . but it seems to just jump off the face and hit you in the eye.  It looks out of place and much too dark for the rest of the face. 
Please help - should I change it and if so, to what colour?


  1. Wow thats looking really good.
    Michelle x

  2. I cannot believe the detail that goes into are far braver than I and should rightly feel very proud!

  3. you should be so proud of yourself,that is wonderful stitching.

  4. Beautiful stitching.
    And yes, that spot above the eye looks a bit weird. Sometimes the computer generated charts do that and faces is a difficult place to get the color right. If you're not happy with that color, then you can change the color in the skin section for one that works better. You might want to hold couple of suiting colors to that area and that shows you which one to go. It should probably be just a tad darker then the surrounding color(s)
    407 seems quite dark for that spot in her face. I have no clue what the surrounding colors are...which makes advising a bit difficult, but I pulled my color card up anyway.
    In mind comes 3771. 3779 might be too dark again. 3779, 758 and 754 might be worth to hold against her face as well.
    Good luck

  5. Chrizette, it looks gorgeous!

    That spot does look a bit dark, but is so difficult to judge what the finished piece will look like. Faces can be a challenge - I have stitched faces from photo charting that I've done and I found that blending the colours give much better shading. I would suggest using one strand of the 407 and one strand of the lighter colour next to it - that should give a more subtle effect, while keeping the correct tone. Just a suggestion - that 407 does seem to dark, so if the blending doesn't work you might have to substitute it in that area.

    I hope you manage - the piece looks so great :)

  6. I would wait until you got to the other side of her face. With these type patterns it's hard to tell what the outcome looks like until it develops further. What does the picture of the pattern look like?? Can you see why it's darker by looking at the photo?


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