Sunday, August 23, 2009

Too many HAED's are running through my head

Okay, I have decided on two HAED designs. The one that I just can't seem to forget is "Queen of Hearts". Isn't she just beautiful? Unfortunately I don't have a piece of fabric that is large enough (she is huge!). I will just have to wait a bit before I get to start. I thought I had everything set and then I realized that I didn't take any seams into account, so the fabric is just a few centimeters too small :( I have a few of Rachel Anderson's other patterns too and they are all just WOW. Hopefully I will get to stitch them all.

And then I decided to try a little QS (Quick stitch) pattern by Caron Vinson called "Girly Gothic". I just love this little picture and I will be starting it tonight. Haven't stitched anything since Friday and I am actually feeling a little guilty . . . well some weekends just have to much packed into them!


  1. Oh Queen of Hearts is an absolute stunner - i have her in my stash and actually started her at one point but realised that i was never going to get very far with it as it was just too big so decided to concentrate on others..maybe one day when i win the lottery and can give up work she can come back out lol!

  2. Queen of Hearts would be amazing! I can even imagine starting something like that. Hopefully you will get your fabric soon and I can watch her come to life!

  3. I love these! Beautiful choices girl! Can't wait to see your starts:)


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