Saturday, August 1, 2009

Go Bokke Go!

The second test of the Tri-Nations was played this afternoon. And South Africa won. Again. Yeah, the second victory against New Zealand. :) Yeeahh! Next week it will be Australia but we are confident . . . we will do it again!

I have come to the second day on my rotation table. I have found that one day on a project is not enough for me. I enjoy stitching a few days on a project. No set time, I just go on stitching until I feel like a change.
So I stitched on Kipper in the beginning of the week (first day of my rotation table) and now for two days on the second in line, Boots Fairy. This was the beginning of this project too, so I have only done a bit of her wing so far - lots and lots of confetti stitches and LOTS of color changes. This photo doesn't do it justice and I am sure you will only see the effect when the whole wing is finished. Now it just looks like a mish-mash of colors that do not seem to go together. But have faith . . . I have complete confidence in the talent of the designer and am sure it will come together in the end . . . (I hope . . . ) :)

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  1. Great start! I work my rotation the same way. I stitch on one til I'm bored, then move to the next one:) Can't wait to see more of this one:)


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