Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A looooong weekend away

It is 8:30 in the morning and I am sitting in bed, reading blogs! I am soooooo bad . . . I took off a day before hubby so that I could start the washing, do the ironing and start packing everything for our little trip that start tomorrow but nooooooo . . . I am online reading blogs. :) And don't tell anyone, but I am also online searching for a little stash building . . .
Our little trip is not so little anymore. It started with four of us just going away for a weekend and ends up with us being 11 people that is going to drive down to Albertinia (about four hours away) where we are going to invade a farm house that we rented until Monday. The house only sleeps 6, so some of us (with rooftop tents on our 4x4's) will be sleeping outside which is not a problem. We love camping!
The world is such a little place. Hubby phoned the farmer yesterday and it turns out that the farmer went to school with hubby's oldest brother!! The farmer is such a nice guy as he has given permission that our dogs (Spuddie and two of his "cousins") can also come along for a little relaxation. Now it gets even more crazy - since we basically know him now, he has arranged with the hotel in town so that we can all go and watch the rugby on Saturday. That is going to be so much fun as almost the whole gang is rugby-crazy and as you know the Tri-Nations is on at the moment! I think we will be taking over the hotel that afternoon! :)
Hubby also said that the farmer wants to arrange for some kind of farm dinner or something for us - I am sure that will include some strange parts of some or other farm animal that we city slickers are not used to. :)
Don't worry, I will be taking pictures and will post again on Tuesday when we get back. I also hope to get some stitching done - I am still deciding what projects to take with . . . Mmmmmm, choices, choices . . . but I have to get ready and go to the shops quickly to buy some supplies . . . maybe I will be able to sneak in another post this evening or else I will see you all again next week . . .


  1. It sounds like you ahve a lovely holiday planned. Have a wonderful time and make sure you take photos to share with us. :)

  2. Geniet die naweek en die rugby! Ek is seker Spud gaan dit ook baie geniet!


  3. Have a great time enjoying the surroundsing, your hubby, and your friends!


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