Sunday, August 16, 2009

Giving it another try

I procrastinated this whole week - I did not do ANYTHING and that also means that I didn't put even one stitch in. But I don't feel bad about it - I think sometimes you just need a little "lying around time". It was wonderful . . . and I have to admit, I miss watching CSI without anything demanding part of my concentration (note to self: no more stitching while CSI is on!!).

Yesterday the whole day went by in a eye blink - there is just so many blogs to read. But last night I felt like stitching something again (the bug was back) and after fumbling through all my kits, decided to give Cove Haven Inn another try. Remember the terrible time I had a few weeks ago?
This time it went much, much better. It was slow going (and I am slow in even normal stitching circumcises) but I still feel a little satisfaction from what I did manage to do even if it is mostly half cross stitches. Almost all my projects feel like just a whole bunch of confetti stitches and this one is no exception. Even with a lot of imagination, I can't yet see the tree in this little piece but it is only about six blocks along so far. So I might be a little optimistic . . .

Do you guys ever make Fruit Crumble? Via a long detour, reading lots of blogs, I finally came to Dana's blog. She has a (looks like) very easy recipe for a fruit crumble bake. It looks yummy! I think I want to try it in the next few days . . .


  1. I'm with you there, I've had a week just like that, no ambition at all, glad you getting back into life again. You've done some very nice things since my last visit. Great vacation photos, I had no idea aloe was farmed! See ya soon.

  2. Looks great to me, I see improvement. See. . . don't get down on yourself. Sometimes it just takes a couple of times to get the hang of it.
    My daughter is home. She has your bag of stuff ~ and I will get her number for you just give her a call. She is anxious to meet with you. She read your blog and saw your dog and she thinks he is cute just like I do and she liked your blog.
    I will find her number and email address and email it to you.
    My darling son, Tris, got you the magnet board as I forgot to put one of mine in before I left for Dallas. I discovered it on the way home. He went to Hobby Lobby and got it for you, isn't he sweet? He would be my stitcher as the other two think I am crazy. Oh well, to each his own, if it weren't for stitching I would not be here today. They should be greatful. Huh? Yea for stitching!
    I finished my Seaside Sweethearts tonight and it is taking a bath hoping that that stain will come out where the iron threw up on the fabric. Tomorrow is picture day and tomorrow night I will post my story and pictures. YEA!!! YEA!!! YEA!!!
    Take care and I will get those numbers for you.
    God Bless ~

  3. Chrizette ~
    Heather's email address is
    Give her a shout and you
    guys can hook up some-
    where in that beautiful
    God Bless ~

  4. Chrizette, we all need some down time now and then. I dont think I stitched more than 5 minutes this weekend. I am glad you had a better time with this design. You'll find you get better and better the more you do. And I agree...CSI shouldnt be interrupted. :)

  5. I am so glad you agree about CSI, Branlaadee!


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