Monday, May 4, 2009

A new beginning for me and for my blog

Today is the last day of my holidays and the first day of my brand new blog. Tomorrow it will be back to the grindstone but hopefully it will also be the first day of a lot of changes for the better for me. During this past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to look at a few blogs and read a little of other's ideas. It has definitely been an eye opener for me. I am just letting life pass me by - it is time to get past my procrastination and just do it (whatever "it" may be). My husband thinks that I have too many "interests" to be able to spend enough time with all. He may have a point but I don't think so. And off course I won't know if I don't try. I will only be concentrating on two major loves anyway - painting and needlework. I just love my oil painting and definitely do not want to give it up. I have just started looking at watercolor painting too but am still a bit lost on that front. And now during my holiday, I have re-discovered needlework (and more specially cross stitch work). I have joined three online groups (you will find the links on the side of this blog). I am hoping that I will find the motivation, especially with the SAL's (Sew along) of the groups to keep going. So far I am having a lot of fun reading and being part of the groups' emails.

I am leaving you with a quote from one of the girls on the forum
“Be the kind of woman that each morning when your feet hit the floor the devil says “Oh crap, she’s up!” Isn't it just wonderful!


  1. Welcome to blogging Crizette! Hope your first day back at work goes well.

  2. great to see another blogger and yes that saying is wonderful, we belong to the same group.....Margaret in Australia

  3. Thank you for your notes girls - I am glad to be here! :)

  4. Hi Chrizette,
    about hobbies," variety is the spice of life". Have a go at everything, you may be brilliant at something you haven't tried.
    I paint in watercolours and gouache, just do your own thing, whatever comes into your head, and don't listen to anyone else, otherwise it is not your painting.
    Hope this helps.

    I also am a member of the same group as you.

    Love the style of your blog.



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