Friday, May 15, 2009

I am crushed . . .

I went onto eBay last night to go and drool a bit over my kit purchases and am devastated as I can't find anything. I got a message that said "user is no longer registered". I am hoping that it is only coincidence but the devil is just whispering in my ear all the time.
Did she take my money and run? I can't believe that she would . . . in the scheme of things, I think that even though 45 pounds are a LOT of money to me, to someone from England it is not that much. It must be just coincidence. I feel that I was so careful - I even went so far as to read the comments from people that bought stuff from her in the past.
I wonder if eBay will give out an email address in a case like this - if only I can contact her and find out what is going on. I am so disappointed - I was so looking forward to the kits as I am having trouble finding anything locally . . . I am off to work now. I hope by tonight when I get home, I will have a plan forward.


  1. Chrizette, if you paid by "pay pal" just contact them and they will help you, that's about all I can suggest to help you.

  2. Oh, no! How frustrating! Ebay will help you, too. Look for the section that says something like ... What to do if...

  3. £45 is a lot of money to most people in the UK! I hope you have received your package by now?


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