Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My first internet purchase for my stash

I made my first Internet purchases. :) Hubby told me two nights ago that I could order some cross stitch kits from the Internet. I have been overwhelmed - there is just soooooo many to choose from. Unfortunately it is also all soooooo expensive. In the end, I found these four kits on eBay for 45 pounds (that is about R 550.00 which is still a LOT of money). Now the bug has bitten me - I am hooked. I just know that I am going to want to buy more stuff in future. And I want to try bidding on something too . . . now that will be fun!


  1. Good luck deciding which kit to stitch first!

  2. A difficult choice . . . I think I will start with the little ballerina - or do you disagee? :)

  3. These look like beautiful charts! Enjoy them!


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