Saturday, May 23, 2009

My little indulgence

Today was a wonderful, lazy day. The whole of this past week, I was dreaming of having a day just lazing around in my PJ's all day long. I didn't want to answer the door or even hear the phone ring. I was looking forward to just playing around on the internet (reading and posting to my favourite forums) and trying to get my "freebie files" sorted out (I will never be able to find anything in there if I don't sort it out). And off course - doing some cross stitching.

It was a perfect day - I got to do a little bit of all of the above! Hubby went out
fly fishing (its the last day of the season today) and I had the house to myself. My biggest indulgence of the day was my latte's . . .

I had three of these! (two with cream too!). Oh, you can bribe me with a goooood cup of coffee. Is there anything more delicious? No, no, no, I don't think so - it even beats chocolate in my book! We got this little espresso coffee maker a few Xmases ago and I can tell you that it is really one of my favourite appliances! :) An no, you won't gain any weight - coffee is magic, didn't you know? Silly, silly you . . .

I am not happy with the little cross stitching that I did today. I don't know what it is that really rubs me the wrong way about it . . . I just haven't been able to work it out yet.
Maybe it is just because I am a bit of a perfectionist . . . it was supposed to be part of a scissor's fob but I think I am going to just file it under "practice".

Funny quote: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's just that yours is stupid.


  1. Glad you enjoyed your day - my favorite kind as well!! I'd be interested in how your little latte works... What's off about your piece? It looks square and even to me from here.

  2. Oh what a wonderful day, I love to laze around with a good coffee.

    I think I might see what is upsetting you about your little piece here. I think maybe you have some of the x's crossed in one direction and some crossed in the other direction. Especially the top border row of the pink flower. This is a very very common mistake for beginner to make and one that you really need to correct right now before it becomes a habit.

    It does not make any difference which cross is on top (although, some stitchers do say one way is backwards--poo). Just make sure that all the bottom stitches go one way and all the top stitches go the other way. First cross ////////// second cross \\\\\\\\\\ or visa versa. But always the same

    The light will hit the stitches and bounce off differently when it hits a cross going the "other" way, so it will look quite a bit different if some of the x's go this way and some that way.

    This happens a lot if you have turned the piece in your hand while stitching, and small pieces like this can very easily get turned around. I was working a biscornu last week, set it down to go to dinner, came back, picked it up and stitched for half an hour. Finally when I looked at it I realized I had done this same thing, a full half of my completed stitches where going one way and the other half the other way -- so it's not just beginners who make this mistake! I had to frog half my biscornu.


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