Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am also trying my hand at photography

This is my idea of micro photography. I know I am not near yet, but with the camera we have this is what I could do. :) These photos were taken in a rundown garden of one of the places we stayed at. Just shows you, beauty can hide in all kinds of places . . .


  1. Your photos look great!
    Your stitching purchases look very detailed, brave you :-) You will have plenty to keep you going now ;-)

  2. The next stage will be after you have taken such lovely photos is to have a go painting them or even re creating them with freestyle embroidery.

    You will find that buying things on line can become very addictive and Ebay can also be fun as you can find almost anything there that you cannot find in a local shop

  3. Great pics! Any idea of the flower's names? I think we have the purple one here in South Australia!

  4. Very nice photos. A lot of work in perspective with your stitching purchase.

  5. Thank you for your comments guys - yes, I might have been a little ambitious with my purchases . . . but I will just take it step by step and all will be well.
    Pauline, I know the pink flowers are called cosmos but not sure about the purple. Will try to find out . . .


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