Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sony Ebook Reader

Does anyone have a eBook reader?  I am interested in buying one and would like to know if anyone have any comments about it?  I am leaning towards SONY because 1.) it's cheaper (a big consideration with our exchange rate) and 2.) because it can also "read" .pdf -files (and I already have some ebooks in .pdf -format.  I will just have to forget about my .lit-files)Kindle is beautiful (sigh) but it doesn't help that it only seem to work with books bought from Amazon . . .


  1. My brother has the kindle and loves it. It really does look like you are reading from a paper page instead of off a screen. The newer kindle also reads PDFs. But yes, they are expensive. I havent personally seen one of the Sony readers, but I hear they are good too.

  2. My husband who is an avid reader LOVES his Sony E-reader!! When I asked him what he likes best he said EVERYTHING! He can download new books before they hit the book stores.

  3. Yes, that's exactly why I purchased my Sony. For the PDFs that are protected through DRM. All I can say is I hate mine. I never can get the text adjusted where I can read comfortable. If you increase the text, it will mess up the format. I have to change the viewing to horizontal. For the $$, the technology isn't there for Sony yet.

    My next one will be a Kindle. I want to be able to sample chapters before buying and their books are cheaper.

  4. I saw this in my RSS reader right after I commented here: http://www.jennsbookshelves.com/2009/12/15/i-bid-adieu-to-my-sony-reader/

  5. I love my kindle. I'm able to buy books from other sites, and I can either manually load them onto my Kindle, or email them to amazon and they'll convert it for 15 cents and whispernet it to my Kindle. The new software update also has pdf capabilities and the screen will rotate to landscape or portrait. The price is down to about $250 I hear. I also like that I can sample the first chapter of a book before I buy.


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