Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blog Candy

Kari of A Good Addiction  reviewed this book and Random House decided to sponcer a give-away (you can also read her review on her blog).  This is a paranormal book which I have discovered is a favourite medium of mine at the moment.  I am not lucky in these kinds of give-aways (can't even win when there is only a few entries) but decided that I would give it a try anyway . . . Wish me luck!  If I am not lucky, I will be buying it in the new year.  Would really have enjoyed having it for my upcoming few days of holiday but it will take a little longer to order online (the postal system doesn't seem to be my friend most days!)

Ending:  06 December 2009

EDIT:  I wasn't one of the lucky ones :(  
Phoned my local bookstore this morning - the friendly girl there phoned the local publisher . . . the books are been distributed today (Monday - yipee).  My name is on the list, so I will get my copy later on in the week when it arrives at their store!  (smiles all around!)  I am not sure if I will be able to keep this books for my holiday-reading like I thought I would. . . 

EDIT:  Got my copy on Wednesday!  And I have been good - only read the first sentence!  Can't wait for my holiday.  Hubby even offered to hide it for me . . . that won't be a good idea.  I will be turning the house inside out trying to find it.  Better to just have it in eyesight all the time.

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