Friday, August 21, 2015

Yes, you have heard it all before . . .

I am staying . . . I am leaving . . . I am staying . . .

Sometimes life just sucks and you have to put on the "big girl panties".

Borrowed from Sue 

With insomnia raging this morning at 3am, I started reading all my old posts from my various blogs of the years (can't believe I have been blogging since 2009!).  Painting, cross-stitching, beading, books, reviews, movies, pets.  What a road it has been!

As many of you know, I am quite ill at the moment so I will be reconsilidating my interests.  One blog - everything on it.

Like I say in my little blogger + thingie in top right corner, whatever is relevant to me on a particular day, will be here.   Even if it is just a rant . . . hopefully I will be able to filter my very huge dislike of the blogger editor but we will see . . . I am hoping that social media will keep me going through this time ahead.


  1. Looking forward to anything you have to say!

  2. Thanks for saying "hi" Lu :) Already had my first argument with Blogger Editer this morning . . . sigh . . . But I will preservere . . . ready to start my new post again . . .


Thank you for saying hello.