Saturday, August 22, 2015

Graphic Novels are not my thing . . .

. . . but what about Manga?  I have a very slight YouTube addition and have been watching BookTube for some time.  Recently it feels like I have been seeing more and more about Japanese novels, including Manga.  So how difficult could it be to find one . . . sigh - you had to ask!

Yes, right the first time - I had a terrible time finding one (anyone) that was reasonably priced and then have it shipped all the way accross the ocean.  Today it arrived at last (just took a month this time!).

I have no idea if it is part of a good series or not (mixed reviews) but will be seeing if I like the concept.

It is called Black Butler and I am sure if could seem a little creepy if taken from a certain viewpoint.   We will see . . .


  1. What about comics? I find I much prefer comics above manga and graphic novels!

    1. I do not enjoy comics either . . . but my experience is limited to "old stuff" that I found in hubby's stuff when we moved years ago. I am going to try the manga and see . . . My taste in books and genre's keep on changing. I seem to just try something now and see if I like it or not . . . life is too short.


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