Monday, August 24, 2015

What does one call this stitching . . .

Confession time - I totally stole this picture from Coni at SpinsterStitcher 

Last week my radiation specialist told me YOU NEED TO GET A HOBBY.  Yeah, I know (harsh) but she meant it in the kindest possible way.  I am sure they see loads of people just melting away and it came from her concern for me to just get on with it.

I already love hobby-ish things (my husband tends to say "love too much" under his breath when the packages arrive - oh well . . . )

So far my biggest love is stitching-type hobbies - cross stitch and even beading with needle and thread (my great love peyote).  But what about something new?

So as I was telling you guys a few days ago, I have been going through my old blogs and found some web addresses I have saved over the years.  Found Coni again (just love her and her little Jack Russell - go check out her blog!) and I found these type of patterns that she loves.

So now the problem becomes that I cannot search for it . . . yeah, the mind is going.  I know the name of the piece and the designer so finding an online pattern is not my issue.  But what do I tell the girl in my local shop . . . I wanna do this and show her a picture?  LoL

Please help me - what do you call this embroidery?

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