Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I hate reality shows . . .

. . .  and Gordon Ramsay is not my favourite person.  Last night on TV we saw a episode of his "normal" cooking show - HOME COOKING.  And what a difference, he seemed like such a nice person.  Where did all that calm come from!

The episode we watched was supposed to be about "frugal cooking" but he made oxtail for heaven's sake!  Oxtail is one of the more expensive cuts of meat in South Africa (and it is not a favourite of mine).  Besides the point, I know.

He also made eggy bread (called French Toast in our home) with a stewed apple topping.  
Apple . . . once again not a favourite - you might be getting the idea that I am a fussy eater . . . don't care :)  Anyway, I have some apples in the house at the moment, so I will be trying to make the stewed apples - although I will admit making the caramel scares me.  We will see.

I found loads of the Home Cooking episodes on YouTube - go take a look at the one I mentioned below (sorry it did not allow me to add the embedded code for you - just follow the link).

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