Thursday, June 30, 2011

Guest post by Gloria Schumann author of Called Home–Two Hearts Answer



The past. Our story. The handful of pieces that help form the person we are today.

Is it good? Is it bad? Is it somewhere in between? Has is turned you optimistic? Or pessimistic? Has it opened doors or slammed them in your face? Would you change it or not? How much a part of you is it today? How much do you let it drive the direction you go?

Emma Benson, the heroine in Called Home: Two Hearts Answer , is a creature carrying around her past like a Plexiglas shield. Any attempts at closeness from the opposite sex, especially David Schlosser, are deftly deflected and kept a safe distance away, where they can't penetrate her tough exterior and hurt her, yet again.

She snips, she snaps, she shuns, and still, David persists in his friendliness. She makes fun, she turns the smart aleck phrase, she avoids, but David sees right through the protective shield to her true nature—the loyalty to her family, her bouts of civility toward him, her care and concern of others. Emma is a sweet, smart, self-sufficient woman forging through life with the wounds of her past leading the way.

I love Emma because, in the beginning, she is strong and uses it to hinder her growth, her fulfilment, her happiness, but through very real and impressive events, the strength she wields is, instead of cutting off the world, used to enhance her chunk of it. Her outlook on life has turned the corner. She is now open to the vast and glorious wonders life can offer. If, like Emma, you're aware of them, if you allow them into your reality, the possibilities of joy, love and hope are endless. They're sublime.

Emma is an excellent example of perseverance through the storms of life, eventually learning to cope with the past, without giving into her insecurities. One, I myself, would like to emulate. In the end, the choices she makes puts her exactly where she belongs—in control of her life making healthy decisions toward her dreams, instead of out of fear. We should all be lucky enough to be in such a beautiful place in our lives.

Find out how Emma does it in "Called Home – Two Hearts Answer" and may you lead your life in hope and joy of the future.

About the author:


I grew up in the midst of car country in the suburbs of Detroit in a loving, Christian family. Through the school years, I hesitated to light on one area of interest due to a love of a wide range of activities and interests. During the formative years they were music and sports—mainly, track and basketball. Not able to parlay any of those into a career, I headed for college.

At the University of Tennessee, I not only discovered a major, but also my husband of many loving years. The major was Logistics, the husband was and is, Paul Schumann.

From Knoxville, TN, after graduating with honors, my journey took me to the outlying area of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. I worked in a pharmacy for a couple of years until the blessed beginning of our family came along. We—Paul, our five-week old daughter and I, left the cold of Minnesota for the heat of Austin, TX where the three of us still live with the addition of a son and a daughter.

Outside of faith and family, I have never been as engrossed and thrilled about anything as I am about writing. It is truly a passion.

Author of Called Home-Two Hearts Answer
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