Friday, November 5, 2010

Free Books I found this week #4

This week I found some fun stuff, so without further ado . . .  (as always click on the image to go to the book)
At 1 Place for Romance, I found this book that sounds kinda silly which is right up my street :)
Now isn’t that a perfect title for a book!  Here is the blurb:
Step aside, Nancy Drew, and watch out, Hardy Boys! Join Susan Slutt, the greatest girl detective since the invention of sanitary pads, her best friend Ashleigh, her adopted sister Butch, her fey pal Beverly Francis Bold, those intrepid and hard-partying Baccardi Boys Frank and Joe, and a whole cast of queer adventurers in "Susan Slutt Solves the Mystery."
Porkerville is hosting a sleuthing convention, and all the great detectives are there: Fancy Few, the Baccardi Boys, the Boobsey Twins, the Dinah Girls, and many more! But when a real mystery threatens to ruin the convention, can Susan Slutt save the day and solve the crisis before any of the other fabulous sleuths earn the glory for themselves?
If you've never read any Susan Slutt stories before, why not start with this one? With its bawdy and irreverent humor, queer subtext and sexual innuendos, you won't be sorry!

After her husband Nick goes missing in Egypt, sheltered art curator Carina Wilde flies out to find him in a land devastated by a man-made flood two years earlier — a fulfillment of the Biblical prophecy of Ezekiel, many believe.
Stumbling upon the secrets he uncovered, she becomes a fugitive pursued by despots, religious fanatics, looters and occupying powers. Her only allies are an orphan scavenging the ruins of Cairo, and a Suez bar-girl whose relationship with Nick is just one of the questions Carina is forced to confront…
A dark satire for an age when the righteous and ruthless shape our world, Gog - An End Time Mystery is written with a rare insight into Egyptian life, Middle Eastern geopolitics, and disinformation.

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