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Blogger interview: The Bookish Snob


Belinda from The Bookish Snob joins us today and here is what she had to say. 

Belinda, please tell us a little about your blog and what we can expect from you in the future.
My blog is really just a fun place I get to be creative with as I share the great love I have for reading. It's a place where I can rant and rave to my hearts content about anything and everything and connect with others with the same passions. Because I pretty much stick to the same genre - romance of all kinds especially the paranormal - I've dubbed The Bookish Snob by those that know me and I really try to pour my personality and excitement into everything I post. Because I'm just being me, what you see now is pretty much what you can expect to see in the future :)

Why did you start blogging?  And how long has it been?
I’ve been blogging since May 2010 so about 5 months. I was “pushed” so to speak into blogging. Being a passionate reader, I was forever raving and gushing over the latest book I’d read to everyone and anyone who’d stand still long enough to listen. Then one day while I was in a bookstore with my BFF pointing out each book I’d read and why she’d love it, she suggested I should start my own book blog. I “yeah yeah’d” her and forgot all about it until one day she texted me saying she’d created my blog, given me a nickname and to hurry up and take the world by storm. It was a little scary at first but now I wonder why it took me so long and my BFF just sits back saying “I told you so”.

How much time and energy do you put into your blog?
I’m completely addicted to blogging at the moment so I spend ALOT of time on messing around on it. Between participating in memes, writing posts about the different thoughts I have, reading and writing reviews and chatting with other bloggers and authors, time really flies by and I before I know it, I’ve spent hours on my laptop. I’m having fun though so it’s all good in my books!

Do you enjoy doing memes?  Which ones can be found on your blog?
I LOVE doing memes!! When I first started blogging, I felt so overwhelmed because there were all these amazing blogs that I wanted to visit regularly but I was unsure on how I could do it and whether I’d remember them all. That’s when I found the Book Blog HOP and through that the other memes I participate in – Teaser Tuesday, Waiting On Wednesday and In My Mailbox. I love how it’s so organized, with the links provided so all I need to do is click on it and PRESTO, I’m at one of my favorite blogs. It’s a great way to visit and get to know others in the community and an incredible amount of fun J

I started my own meme called Waiting For Pay Day and I host it every Thursday. It’s an opportunity for people to share the books they desperately want but don’t have the money for at the moment. I thought it was a good idea because I find myself saying it A LOT.

How would you describe your review style and how do you handle reviews when you didn't enjoy the book?
One thing I learned very quickly is that I’m an emotional reader and so right from the beginning I decided my reviews would focus on the emotional aspect of the book and what kind of experience had with it. I review on how well the book captured my heart and the way I was able to connect with the characters of the story. I want people to feel the excitement I had with the hope that it would spark an interest for them as well.

I SWEAT over reviewing books I didn’t enjoy. Most times when it’s a book I purchased myself, I have the freedom to decide whether or not I’ll review it because I ultimately blog to share the books I like and am crazy over. I have reviewed books I didn’t like but they’re usually the books I had a strong reaction to. However, it’s a different case when its author requested or for the other website I review for. Most times there is always something that I liked so I write about that but include at the end what I had a hard time with. I try to be tactful about it and not just say “UGH I hated this and that” I save that rant for my husband and BFF and thankfully there’s only been two times I can remember where I couldn’t read another word.

What advice would you give new book bloggers out there?
Hmmm. The first thing off the top of my head is never be afraid to ask questions. Being completely computer illiterate, there are many amazing people in the book blogging community that go out of their way to help answer any questions I ask. There have been times I’ve struggled with things like coding and things like setting up a giveaway entry form so whenever I need help, I send out my plea for help at the end of my memes and people reach out. It’s also a good idea to create yourself a Twitter account because it’s another great source of getting answers. Between the two, they’ve saved my sanity many, many times.

Thank you, Belinda, some great advise there!

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